The Impossible Quiz Review

The Impossible Quiz is a special puzzle game with a terrific sense of humor, unexpected turns and twists and quizzes unlike you have ever seen before! Proceed through series of questions and pick the correct responses out of the four proposed options. Some will require you to use logic, others — imagination and occasionally you will need to downright guess what the solution is. After some trial and error it is, in fact, possible to figure things out and get to the end.

One thing to keep in mind concerning this match is: it does not play by the rules of conventional quests and puzzles. Expect the unexpected — that’s the sole principle which you should keep in mind when trying to answer any particular question.

Each session of The Impossible Quiz game starts you off with 3 lifetimes — basically, they signify the number of errors you may make throughout the quiz before the game is finished. Sometimes, after answering a few questions in a row correctly, you’ll be given with specific Skip bonuses that allow you to skip a particularly tough puzzle. Some queries have timers represented by bombs that can go off in the event you run out of time beware and be sure you’re prepared for anything!

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