Not a sports car, the electric Chevrolet Corvette may be a sedan or an SUV.

There are new rumors that Chevrolet Corvette might be turned into an independent brand, beginning with an electric sedan – before rumored to be a Camaro – and then an SUV.

A fresh overseas source indicates that a battery-powered Chevrolet Corvette is on the horizon, but it may not take the shape many anticipate.

Chevrolet confirmed in April 2022 the construction of a “totally electric” Corvette utilizing its new “Ultium” battery technology.

Initially, it was believed that an electric Chevrolet Corvette will be launched with an electric four-door replacement to the two-door Chevrolet Camaro muscle vehicle, according to reports published last year.

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However, the US website Muscle Cars and Trucks, citing industry insiders, believes that these will be a single vehicle: an all-electric Corvette sedan due in dealerships “by mid-decade” to compete with the Porsche Taycan.

If the rumor turns out to be true, an independent Corvette brand with a variety of cars to compliment the legendary V8 sports car would become a reality.

Muscle Cars and Trucks asserts that the electric Corvette car could be followed by an electric Corvette SUV (shown below) – due at a later date to provide “breathing room” for the recently-announced 412kW electric Chevrolet Blazer SS EV SUV.

According to the website, the current-generation ‘C8’ Corvette will not be supplied with an electric form. Instead, the sports car’s electrification ambitions will be limited to a pair of hybrids bearing the names E-Ray and Zora, the first of which will be released early next year.

The next-generation ‘C9′ Corvette, arriving sometime after 2025, is expected to provide an electric option, ahead of General Motors’ ambition to sell only electric passenger cars by 2035.

Few specifics about the new electric Corvette spin-offs have been disclosed, but a well-connected US website thinks that both vehicles will be supported by the new Ultium battery architecture from General Motors.

According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, the sedan may share portions of its architecture with the forthcoming Cadillac Celestiq, the future flagship vehicle of the Cadillac brand.

According to the publication, the Corvette moniker was thought “more logical” than Camaro for the upcoming electric super-sedan due to the anticipated high level of performance, which might equal that of the Porsche Taycan electric car.

Chevrolet’s formation of a Corvette sub-brand has been the subject of rumors for years.

In early 2021, it was rumored that an electric Corvette SUV resembling the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Lamborghini Urus was being considered.

Bloomberg stated at the time that GM was “working on numerous Corvette-brand concept vehicles that target a broader range of purchasers” – and that proposals for a Corvette sub-brand had been studied “on and off for around 20 years.”

Previously, some analysts estimated the Corvette brand to be worth up to $US12 billion ($AU17.3 billion), with an enlarged model lineup that includes an SUV.

General Motors has revealed a preview of what an electric Corvette could look like by publishing a concept of an aggressively-styled sports SUV to the Instagram page of its design centre (two photos above, in red), with a black’side blade’ evocative of the current C8 Corvette coupe.






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