Fly Or Die Game

You begin as a small fly and level up as you eat more food. As you evolve, other gamers become a part of your daily diet also. Each level has a new special ability and more things to consume. The decision is straightforward, you Fly or Die.
The best way to perform Fly Or Die.

Eat items and creatures summarized in green. Prevent animals using a red outline, so they’ll eat you! You are going to be fighting for survival against hundreds of other players, so ensure to keep moving and keep eating. Keep an eye on your water amount also, you are going to want loads of water to live.

Particular skills
Moving through the match, every animal will have its own unique special ability. You’re able to use that particular skill to get through the game faster. When you begin as a fly, then you will have”beginner’s luck”. This gives you a 50% chance to avoid a predators’ attack. Utilize the particular abilities to your advantage.

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